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The Light Of The Gospel

"Therefore, since we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we do not lose heart."
II Corinthians 4:1-5



Marva Leavell

Presently, Marva, an anointed Bible teacher, serves as an assistant to her husband, Senior Pastor Donald Leavell.  Marva's effective and unique way of teaching encourages and challenges many to enter a deeper and more practical way of understanding the word of God.  While humor and wisdom in her illustrations are both interesting and enlightening, they exhort the hearer to love and live for God. She is the leader of the Ladies Fellowship that meets  once a quarter for fellowship and Bible instruction with emphasis on the Lord's expectations of women believers. The Ladies Fellowship also hosts an outreach ministry to the women of the North Side Manor Complex. Marva is a contributing writer for the Christian Metro Times, an area Christian publication. 

Marva's friendly and outgoing way welcomes all to The Fellowship.  She speaks at Women's' Conferences, Pastors' Conferences, and other gatherings locally, nationally, as well as internationally, having ministered in  Europe, Asia, Africa and Countries in North America.  Along with other members of the community, she tutors and mentors young people at the North Side Manor Complex.

"When I am asked how is it that so many people of so many races and so many nations are able to worship at the fellowship and truly love and befriend each other,  I have to say that the Lord Jesus is the one that makes it happen.   As a child, I was taught to love and respect everyone. I receive others just as they are, the same  way that the Lord receives us all.  This is the life I live.  It is not just a "church thing".   At the Fellowship we endeavor to show the love of Christ to everyone that comes through the door."   Marva Leavell